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VPD hope to ID knife assault suspect with released video

The Vancouver Police release a video in the hopes of identifying a suspect in a knife assault earlier this month.

Police say the incident occurred on Wednesday, Oct 19, 2022 in a doorway around the West Cordova and Richards area.

In the video a man with a dark short sleeve shirt and vest on enters a building alcove with a knife already in his hand, approaching another man wearing a light coloured hoodie from behind grabbing the victims backpack while drawing while rising the knife.

The victim tries to push the suspects hands off his backpack, a struggling for the victims backpack begins and the two men wonder out of the alcove and on to the sidewalk to the edge of the road. The suspect tries to shove the victim on to the road but appears to lose his balance and fall over while still holding the victim.

The video ends with the suspect still struggling for the victims belongings on the shoulder of the road.

The Vancouver Police Department say the victim still hasn’t come forward and it doesn’t appear anyone was injured in the video. But they would like to identify and speak with both the suspect and victim for more details of the incident.

“Even when we identify the man with the knife, challenges still exist because the victim left and hasn’t reported the incident to police,” says Constable Jason Doucette. “We’d like to hear from the victim to provide support and learn more about what happened.”

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