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Charges, including possession for the purposes of trafficking, laid following alleged flight from police in Richmond

On January 13, 2022, Richmond RCMP Mobile Enforcement Unit attempted to stop a vehicle following an alleged motor vehicle infraction, however, the driver initially continued without stopping. The officers followed the vehicle and the female driver ultimately pulled over.

During the subsequent interaction with police, the female allegedly failed to comply with directions, which resulted in her being arrested for obstructing a police officer. During the course of this arrest, one of the officers was allegedly bit by the female’s dog.

A search of the vehicle incidental to arrest resulted in the seizure of approximately 1,000 pills allegedly marked as Xanax.

The female was arrested and the BC Crown Prosecution Service subsequently laid the following charges against Armita Mahmoudpour;

Flight while pursued by a peace officer;
Obstruct peace officer;
Assault a peace officer;
Possession of Identity Document;
In addition, Mahmoudpour has since been charged with Possession of a scheduled substance for the purpose of trafficking.

Fortunately, no member of the public was injured during this arrest and the injuries sustained by our officer were relatively minor, says Staff Sergeant Chris Goebel, Acting Officer-in-Charge of Operations, Every day our officers come to work to protect and serve the public, they know there is an inherent risk but they do it to keep our community safe. This situation could have been very different. The resulting seizure of alleged drugs and criminal charges now faced by this individual demonstrate why our continued commitment to community safety is so important.

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