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B.C Government: Get vaccinated or else.

Health officials are pushing for new incentives to get people vaccinated. A fresh immunization campaign will be released to try to coax the unvaccinated to get vaccinated.

‘Vax for B.C.’ as it will be called, is aimed at reaching the more than 900,000 unvaccinated British Columbians that either expressed their freedom of choice or just simply can’t because of other health reasons.

Dr. Bonnie Henry has gone on record to say there is a possible crack down on the unvaccinated population in British Columbia.

“It is a choice to be immunized, but there are consequences for people who are not immunized”

We saw in the recent past strict lockdowns and physical distancing rules for everyone. From the words used we can easily see this is pointing at a new set of laws and rules to restrict people and what they can do or where they can go. Limiting the unvaccinated people from roaming their communities and province or shopping for some essential products and food.

This is a little bit of worry though to many Canadians and have pointed out how it is against the Canadian Charter of Rights and discriminating against a group of people.

There’s not much more to this story right now but we will all learn more as it unfolds.

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