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Trudeau slammed for ‘Liberal Vote-buying’ with ‘climate action incentive’ while most households see net losses

Justin Trudeau boasts about climate action “incentive” program while most households see net loss

Friday, July 15, 2022 , Justin Trudeau was making various stops promoting the “climate action incentive”. During one of the stop in Ontario his PR team put together a video to sell the idea to Canadians they will be getting back more than what the pay in to for “pollution” tax.

“today is the day. Right across the country in Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Climate action incentive payments landed in peoples bank accounts.” said Trudeau

He continued by saying “Part of our commitment to make sure that even as we step up and fight climate change we’re supporting families. Indeed 8 out of 10 families will be better off with the climate action incentive than the carbon price will cost them in any given year”

A statement released by the government on July 6, 2022 claims taking money out of Canadians bank accounts to make living more unaffordable it some how “fights climate change” and gives you more money back.

“Canada’s approach to pollution pricing is not only one of the best ways to fight climate change—it also puts money back in the pockets of Canadians.” said the statement

Apparently the government syphoning money out of Canadians’ bank accounts and giving some of that money to some other Canadians “reduces pollution”.

“Putting a price on carbon pollution is the most efficient way to bring down our emissions, and our federal system gives the proceeds back to Canadians” claims Chrystia Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance

These claims contradict what the budget analysts reported when they stated that the carbon tax had a “negative economic impact” for taxpayers. 

Many critics don’t buy the claim that you get back more than what you pay in because if you get back more than what you pay. Where did that extra money come from if Canadians are getting back more than they pay, which then leads to more questions like why even have the tax in the first place and just let people keep their money?

As reported by Blacklock’s Reporter, the Parliamentary Budget Office’s (PBO) latest report stated that “most households will see a net loss” as a result of the carbon tax rebate scheme. 

However the carbon tax has noticeably made life more expensive for a majority of Canadians and also largely failed to reduce Canada’s emissions.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) heavily criticized the federal government over the PBO study, highlighting the watchdog’s assessment that the carbon price costs Canadian households up to $845 per year, even after refunds.

The nonpartisan Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) data contradicts the Liberals’ claim that 80 percent of households in the four provinces will receive rebates equal to or more than the amount of carbon taxes they paid, according to the CTF.

“The PBO’s data shows those numbers are magic math,” said the CTF.

The PBO estimates that the federal rebate will be $1,333 while the overall cost of the carbon tax for the typical Alberta household in 2022 will be $2,004. The average household in Alberta will pay $671 more as a result of the tax.

The average household in Ontario will pay $360, Saskatchewan $390, and Manitoba $299 more as a result of the carbon tax.

People’s Party of Canada, Leader, Maxime Bernier accused Trudeau and his Liberal government of vote buying, considering the evidence showing the carbon tax is doing more harm than good for a majority of Canadians’

“Liberal vote-buying checks have landed in people’s bank accounts in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.” Bernier wrote

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