B.C. COVID-19 restrictions update. Gyms can reopen

Current transmission and hospitalization rates are the highest levels we have seen since the beginning of the pandemic. Right now the majority of hospitalizations is the vaccinated.

The current restrictions for events and gatherings will be remain in place until to Feb 16, 2022, On which date, it will be “reassessed once again to keep any or all of these measures in place” said Bonnie Henry.

This will apply to the closures in place for bars and night clubs along with limitations in restaurants. While capacity limits will continue in to be in effect for theaters and stadiums.

The COVID safety plan remains in place

There will be no change to the Segregation ID vaccine passport policy. “additionally there will be no changes to the vaccine card orders” Bonnie Henry said.

“we know this is a very important and effective tool that helps make sure we are minimizing and mitigating risk in those many settings where the vaccine card is in play”. Henry said confidently. The wording sounds like the app knows if someone if infected or not. This would only make sense if RFID chips were implanted in to people’s bodies with the vaccines, which they weren’t.

Omicron has been ripping through the community. Proving the vaccine passports are completely useless and serve no valuable purpose, except a false sense of safety. NANO RFID chips were not injected with the vaccine to scan body fluids.

Henry reminds us we continue to adjust like we adjusted back in December, as the virus continues to change, but she continues to hold on to the vaccine card order for no logical reason.

Henry says new guide lines were developed with the help of the Fitness Industry Council of Canada. These guidelines will be in effect starting January 20, 2022. The guild line includes individual and group fitness being able to resume at gyms and fitness centers across the province. There’s still distancing rules still in place. Individuals must be 7 square meters of space between each other, that is about 2.5 meters in all four directions.

Masks must be worn at all times, except for when exercising because it can make it difficult for people to breath. Although Henry encourages everyone to continue to wear them anyway, trainers and staff will people required to wear masks.

No surprise, with the removal of some restrictions births other restrictions. Henry is laying the ground work for coercion. There is no provincial or federal law requirement for B.C. teachers to get vaccinated or show a vaccine passport. Last week we reported on Henry’s plummeting popularity. If schools decide to make kids stay home once again but this time because of self inflicted staff shortages, Henry wouldn’t recover any popularity.

The burden of accountability and liability is on the schools themselves to make the decision if wish to enforce unjustified vaccine mandates because the vaccine does not prevent infection or transmission of COVID-19. the vaccine passport does not scan body fluids.



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