Our Ideas


British Columbia's infrastructure has been failing to keep up with its population growth especially in recent years. Sewage, water, schools, healthcare service and transportation to name a few already can't support the current population.

This will require a working partnership between municipal and provincial governments and the private sector.

Just Build It.


  • Balance the budget
  • Encourage small business creation and growth
  • Cut wasteful spending


To current public knowledge it is impossible for humans to control the weather and it's a fact the climate will always change like it has for over 4 billon years. To secure the survival of British Columbia, climate adaption techniques to be explored and adopted.


The cost of living in Canada increases year over year by design because the Bank of Canada has set a 2% inflation target but bad government policies can create hard times. It's time for British Columbians to finally get a break at the pump. Axe the Carbon Tax, and Low Carbon Fuel Standard.

  • End ICBC monopoly
  • Incentivize housing that is needed
  • Cut red tape
  • Reduce fees for housing developments
  • Open land for development


For a democracy to function properly and to build public trust, the government needs to be accountable to the people. Part of being accountable means the government needs to be transparent and not afraid of public scrutiny. Over the years we have seen a trend with governments causing long delays or even straight up censoring FOI requests with an unnecessary amount of redactions and causing long delays which most often end up turning into a complaint to the Privacy Commissioners Office.

  • Proactively release documents
  • Ban government from hiding from public scrutiny
  • Consequences with teeth for government and politicians acting bad


There's multiple levels of government in Canada with elected officials to govern our country, provinces and cities. For our democracy to function properly each government shouldn't be overstepping jurisdiction. British Columbia needs to protect provincial jurisdiction against federal overreach and respect municipal and local government jurisdictions.

Water Management

Water is becoming more scarce around the world but unlike other jurisdictions, British Columbia experiences large amounts of precipitation during the fall and winter months.

British Columbia will become Canada’s professionals in water harvesting, storage and logistics technology and strategy. This will require a working partnership between municipal and provincial governments and the private sector.


With the rise of a digitally connected world where everyday more things are becoming reliant on being connected to the Internet and individuals moving about their lives in what is becoming "smart cities" we need to make sure individuals personal data doesn't get abused.

  • Protect British Columbian's from a digital prison
  • Modernize Privacy and Security laws to including biometrics etc.
  • Revamp privacy laws to make them stronger for British Columbians